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Roar! Organic Handmade Raw 75% Chocolate

Original | Rose | Wild Orange | Peppermint Crunch | Raspberry Nib


We don’t use any machinery in our production process. Everything is made and packaged by the hands of our team. We pour our chocolate fresh weekly and deliver it to our shops often on the same day. It’s got a shorter shelf life than most brands because it’s FRESH and contains all the good stuff you’ve heard about dark chocolate.

No Dairy | No Refined Sugar | No Preservatives | No Stabilisers | No Emulsifiers
No Fillers | Low GI | Naturally Gluten Free

Our chocolate has a full, rich velvety flavour and mouthfeel that will leave you happy and satisfied with less than other brands. A little of our chocolate goes a long way

Head to one of our stockists today and try Perth’s own premium handmade chocolate.



100% Raw Organic Fair-Trade

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